Paris Gunn

A local rockstar with a voice that can kill


Paris followed a sort of twisted legacy. Her mother had died when Paris was only a young child. He mother had been an activist fighting against the dirty legal system in Beacon City. Her mother held rallies and fought against dirty politicians who had been bought out buy local crime organizations.

Paris mother was killed in cold blood while en route to a rally. The killer was never found.

Paris was left with a heartbroken father and a collection of photos, videotapes, and her mother wedding ring. Paris wore it always.

After graduating high school, Paris and her band became local legends. Her chocolate brown hair waving around as she jumped about to her bands punk music, she was a goddess on that stage.

Unfortunately the partying, drinking, drugs, and lack of sleep finally got to Paris. She developed a rare form of throat cancer.

Doctors said that it was very late in the diseases development and most of the options involved surgery, possibly risking her singing. The doctor also offered an experimental drug. It was currently in testing phases but the results so far were very positive.

Unwilling to risk her voice, Paris signed up for the testing group; The drugs name,

After a month of the tests and a full recovery, Paris was back on the stage, singing her heart out.

After one of her shows, she headed back to a strangers bed. He was good looking and he was just her type: groomed beard, tattoos, leather jacket.

The two hooked up and she fell asleep in his bed. When she woke up, it was a month later and she was on a medical bed in a mysterious lab.

Paris Gunn

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