John Zhukov

Is he more than just a weapon?


John was sold by his parents at the age of 3 to a corporation after they found that he possessed extra sensory perception or ESP.


The rest of his life was filled with endless tests and experiments, pushing his powers and his sanity to their very limits. John learned to trust almost no one.

Even his “brothers” (fellow subjects), were prone to doing what the scientists said, at the costs of each other’s well being.

The head of the Hercules project was Alfons Heppenheimer, a german biochemist.

After 20 years of captivity, the Hercules project was coming to a close, the team of scientists had come gathered enough samples and taken enough data to replicate the subject’s abilities. Now it was time to destroy all the current subjects and move onto the next step, application.

John, new he would have to act to keep himself alive. He took advantage of a lessened dose of his meds. John reached out into the outside world looking for a mind to latch onto, someone who could help him escape. Before passing out from overexertion, John was able to get one message out to a sleeping mind; one that reflected his own energies. His message soared from his consciousness into this stranger. It screamed two words: “Wake Up!”

John Zhukov

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