The Liegemen: Origins

Andrew, now known as Bullet, had spent the week following the team’s escape, searching for answers. Most of his leads had come up with nothing but one paper trail led him to another facility nearby owned by one of Enterprise Pharmaceuticals subsidiaries. The group agreed to investigate the facility and see if they could turn up any answers.

Upon arriving at the location, they found that there were night shift guards posted at the front entrance. After some time they were able to find a side entrance and after some finagling, they broke the lock. Some time and a 40 floors later, the group found their way down to a basement level chamber similar to the one Qinvaela and Austin had been held. The gates were open and workers were breaking down equipment within the inner chamber. The team sprung into action, taking out the guards and workers. A worker revealed that all the equipment was being taken to a cargoship and moved across national waters.

Moments later the gates began to shut behind them and a speaker announced a self destruct sequence was in progress. The team escaped, bringing all the defeated workers with them.

The police were already outside surrounding the building when the group ran out. After a quick scuffle with the nearest officers, the Qinvaela, Paris, and Austin jumped into a nearby car and drove off, Andrew and some police cars close behind. The car chase swerved between incoming traffic and the highway. Both Austin and Andrew were able to lose the police and continued onto the docks.

The group snuck onto a large cargoship loading large crates. They proceeded to quietly subdue the guards patrolling the deck as the boat headed out to sea. They were then greeted by John Zhukov, a young Russian attempting to escape the ship. He had been a captive for years and had finally freed himself.

His two test subject “brothers” (a large hulk behemoth and an electrically charged human battery) then crashed through the deck floor and attacked John and the others. John used his telepathy and telekinesis to help the team fight the two combatants. They was able to defeat the pair of hypnotically controlled supers, only to be surrounded by the remaining guards.

Outnumbered and exhausted, Andrew and the others retreated into the depths of the ocean, protected by John’s telekinetic bubble. As the heroes descended deeper and deeper into the sea, they began to see a light. Soon they were in sight of what they had always thought to be legend, the lost city of Atlantis.



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