The Liegemen: Origins

Liegemen: Origins Ep. 8


Roger, John, and Qinvaela woke up one by one. The three got dressed and headed upstairs to the chamber. The three expected to see Andrew typing away. Qinvaela was worries about Andrew. He had not been sleeping. Roger was also in rough shape. He seemed unable to sleep well and was having trouble eating.

When the three turned to looked at the computer, they found Andrew with his arms in the air and a stranger at the entrance with a gun pointed at him. Roger immediately drew his gun. The Viper pulled out another gun and aimed it at the group. Viper explained he was there to get answers. After some negotiating, and some telekinesis on John part, the group was able to calm Viper.

Andrew and JC spoke about their intentions. Andrew explained how they had all been captives of Enterprise Pharmaceuticals. He told JC about how they had joined together and simply wanted to stop others from being victims of such nefarious plots.

JC was happy to hear that he wasn’t the only one fighting the good fight. He told the other how was tracking down how Enterprise was tied to political dissenter disappearing in Gotham.

The team decided they would help JC, if he could help them with some of the situations in Beacon City. Recently a group of robbers had been stealing from high security banks. The banks’ security systems would shut down immediately before the banks were attacked. Also, witnesses were unable to give a clear description of any of the robbers. The last detail was that one of the security guards had a partial fingerprint burned into his forehead.

JC recommended they look into the BCPD’s police records. The group accessed the records and found that the print matched a Tim Grady, a possible suspect in the death of oncologist, Martin Kurtz. The team pulled up an address on Tim and proceeded to investigate.

The group parked a couple blocks away. John and Roger took the front entrance, breaking the lock. JC and Qinvaela climbed the fire escape and attempted to flank. Andrew had stayed behind at the church to do more research. The two groups ambushed the apartment only to find it was empty. The ceiling, walls, and floor were covered in ash. Furniture, appliances, and decorations were burnt to a crisp. The group proceeded out of the building when they got a message from Andrew. Tim was apparently known to hang out at one of two bars, Lost Weekend and Kill Your Idol. There were also three banks that had not been hit in the nearby area.

The team split up. John covered both of the bars. Roger, Qinvaela, and JC took each of the bars. John was able to find Tim by following his girlfriend. Roger and Qinvaela’s banks were hit. Roger and Qinvaela proceeded to try to stop the robberies. Qinvaela was quickly taken down by a transgender woman in a tuxedo. JC quickly rode to save Qinvaela and was able to force the tuxedoed trans to retreat through a portal. Roger was knocked out by an electrical bolt shot by a hairless albino. John tailed Tim only to be confronted by him. The two began to fight in an alley. Just before being beaten by John, Tim was pulled through a portal and disappeared.

Beaten and weary, the group returned to the church. They had never been so utterly helpless against another group. Who were Tim’s mysterious allies? Why were they robbing banks? Was it just for the money or was there something more sinister afoot?



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