The Liegemen: Origins

Liegemen: Origins Ep. 7


Roger awoke from a nightmare. The dream was a sort of blur but he remembered being swallowed by a giant creature. As he stood up from the cot, he looked around the room. There were five empty cots. Roger’s belongings laid on a small table to his left: a watch, a knife, the pistol he had taken from the hospital, and some clothes Andrew had given him. It had been a few days since his arrival. He had met the rest of the team, Paris, John, Qinvaela, and Andrew.

Roger put on the clothes, walked up some stairs, and stepped into the next room. He walked out onto a stage. The was a pulpit, ornate stained glass, and a large cross. To his left in the middle of the pews was a computer connected to a generator. Andrew sat in front of the computer screen typing away. Roger noticed an odd colored bubble surrounding the modem.

The two exchanged “good morning”s and began to discuss what Andrew was working on. Andrew had begun to look into different odd stories in the local news. Many of the escaped subjects were using their abilities to wreak havoc throughout the city. Robbing banks, attacking civilians, and a multitude of other crimes were occurring everywhere in Beacon City. Andrew pulled up a new article discussing a man killed on the docks. The interesting detail was that the victim was left with a huge burn mark on his neck in the shape of a handprint.

Andrew explained to Roger that he was at a dead end, he had no means of cracking into the BCPD’s records. Andrew stood up and paced in frustration. Roger sat down in his place and put his hands on the keyboard. Something inside Roger’s memory clicked and within seconds he was within the GCPD’s central hub. He then downloaded all of their records onto the computer. Andrew looked at Roger with awe.

Roger, shocked at his own ability to crack secure systems, realized he needed to learn about himself. He began to do searches for missing person’s reports throughout the country. With some cross referencing, Roger tracked down an address in Gotham.

Roger asked Andrew to drop him off. Moments later, the two stood outside a quaint house in a cul-de-sac. Roger asked Andrew to leave him and let him find answers on his own. Andrew wished him good luck and disappeared. Roger stood outside the door and remembered there was a key in a fake rock nearby. Roger found the keys, unlocked the door, and stepped inside. The entire house was empty. A colored bubble peaked out from the ceiling. Upon further investigation, Roger found an entrance to the attic. Inside he found the same orb sticking out from the floor. Roger removed the floorboard and found a laptop, a note, and a set of car keys.

The note was written in some odd hieroglyphics and the laptop had a single file on them titled, “Oculus”. Roger took some time to figure out what the file was, it was practically jumbled data in most formats. When playing it as an audio file, Roger discovered it secret. It was a recording from a woman, who seemed to be Roger’s wife. She told him there were people in the house, that he had to find her and that he had to find her with the note.

Roger took the keys, laptop and note and headed out into the backyard. Roger noticed his neighbors eating and jumped the fence. He spoke to his neighbor Paul who said that Roger had moved recently. He and his wife Mary had not said goodbye but that a moving company had come, picked up all their belongings, and driven off. The company was called N.Price Movers.

Roger walked into town and found an internet cafe. He used the car keys to track down his car dealership. After walking a couple miles, Roger spoke to his dealer, Marcus, and asked for his help to locate Roger’s car. The two used the GPS tracker to locate the car to a nearby Walmart. Marcus drove Roger to his car and the two said their goodbyes. Roger entered his car and found a dead cellphone. He then returned to the church in Beacon City. Roger explained to Andrew, everything that had happened. The pair attempted to decipher the note but to no avail.

Andrew told Roger to get some rest. Roger headed back to his cot, finding the other team members sleeping in their cots. He laid down and was soon asleep. The nightmares slowly began to set in. There he was: the large figure, waiting silently for Roger. He opened his giant mouth and swallowed Roger. Nothingness.



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