The Liegemen: Origins

A man woke up in a white padded room. His arms were restricted within a straight jacket. A single window peered through on of the walls. Panic set in and he began to scream for help. Moments later a doctor stepped into the room. Dr. Albertson explained that man’s name was Roger Brattfield and he had been brought from Gotham General’s ICU after showing signs of amnesia, hallucinations, and violent episodes.

Roger had been brought in with extreme trauma to his occipital lobe and eyes. He was given a new drug called to help with his recovery. Dr Albertson assured Roger they would find answers. As Albertson stepped out the door, he immediately was shot by an unseen stranger. A man in a clown mask barged into the room, pulling Roger up. The man told Roger that they were escaping the facility and that he can either join them or die. Roger saw no means of escape and followed the stranger. The two then met a man with green hair and a purple blazer.

Meanwhile Qinvaela sat in a cell of a Gotham precinct. She sat there along with three other women. One with blonde hair a clown makeup did cartwheels around the cell, the second had fur similar to a cheetah and sat quitely, sharpening her claws, and the last sat on a bench, her skin glowed a dull green and her a bright orange.

Qinvaela talked to the other women trying to find a way to get out. Cheetah ignored her. Harley Quinn let her know a “Mr J” was coming to get her. Ivy said she would help but the bracelet they put on her, stopped her from being able to escape. Harley gave Qinvaela a knife to cut off Ivy’s arm as a means to remove the bracelet. After two failed attempts at cutting through the arm, Cheetah got up and cut off the remaining part of the arm. After a few moments, Ivy’s arm regrew and returned to her full green tone.

A rumble resounded through the precinct. Suddenly giant roots and branches broke through the walls and floor. A giant root busted the cell door open. The four women walked out the cell and headed to the exit. Once outside a group officers attempted to stop the women, who subdued them quickly. Seeing the violent nature of the women, Qinvaela left the group to walk into the streets on her own.

Back in the hospital, Roger followed the man with the blazer toward the ground floor. They encountered a couple security guards, subdued them, and took their pistols. On the ground floor, the strange man attacked a random nurse and laughed as he pummeled his face. Roger pointed his gun at the man. The man paused and threw his victim at Roger, knocking him over. When Roger got up, the stranger was gone. Roger found an office and hid the unconscious nurse inside. Through a window he could see a giant man with a mask fighting what looked like the Batman. As Roger watched the hulking juggernaut, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up, something about the man was too familiar and horrifying.

Qinvaela watched the madness on the street, countless criminals running out of the precinct and a hospital across the street. At the front of the hospital, a man with green hair and a green suit shot at the people she had saved from the Riddler’s challenges. Harley Quinn walked up to him and kissed him. A group of masked heroes swung down from the rooftop, and began to fight Harley and the green haired man.

Roger saw the man fighting some masked people and saw civilians on the floor dead. Roger aimed his pistol and shot the man. Another criminal tried to shoot at Roger.

Qinvaela ran to help the stranger who attacked the green haired man. She found him hiding in a closet. The two agreed to escape together. They ran up to the second floor and turned to the hall leading to the parking garage. A news helicopter came into view and shined their spotlight at Qinvaela and Roger. Only seconds later, Andrew appeared in front of them, asking where Qinvaela had been. The two asked Andrew to get them out. Andrew took both their hands, carried them as he ran at his full speed. Roger could see everything they passed by, even at the inhuman speed. As they arrived to a church, Roger passed out.

Andrew put him in a cot. He and Qinvaela then discussed their separate adventures. It was good to be reunited but, who was this new ally? Why had he been in the psych ward? And where was Austin?



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