The Liegemen: Origins

Liegemen: Origins Ep. 4


JC Cotton or Viper stood atop a 10 story wall that separated Arkham City from the outside wall. The Ex-Navy Seal turned vigilante had been following leads about a new biotech company called Enterprise Pharmaceuticals. The company had been growing rapidly as legislature was opening up new doors for companies like Enterprise.

JC had noticed that the politicians pushing for these new policies, had their campaigns funded by Enterprise Pharm, not atypical. What caused him to look deeper into the case was the fact that, political opposers and protesters were starting to go missing.

After some months of research he discovered that almost all the dissenters were locked away in Arkham under false identities. He knew he had no choice but to find them and discover exactly what was Enterprise’s end game.

A quick rappel down and a fight with some goons on a museum rooftop led Viper to the museum’s roof access. Inside, Viper found a maze of corridor and offices. As Viper walked deeper and deeper into the museum, he found himself in a large chamber with a think sheet of ice below. Viper climbed down and walked down one of the halls connected to the chamber.

The room at the end of the hallway was occupied by men in black and white faceprint and a man in a glass box. Viper subdued the mooks and tried to free the man in the box but to no avail. He moved back into he chamber and walked down another path.

This led to the Iceberg Lounge. Viper encountered a small man name Oswald Cobblepot, the man used an advanced ice generating gun. After fighting Cobblepot as well as more of his underlings, Viper retreated into the chamber again to find undercover police officers. They said Batman had saved them. Viper had heard stories of batman but had very little information about him.

JC walked down the 3 hall and into the next room. Inside he found a large two floored chamber with exhibits, a metallic suit in a glass case, and a number of unconscious lackeys. Upon inspection of the suit, he found that the suit had been tampered with and was missing a part. Using his super computer, B.U.T.L.E.R., JC found that the suit belonged to the man in the glass box, Dr. Victor Fries. JC inspected the two previous halls to find that Cobblepot was missing and the man in the glass box was free. JC joined Fries who was about to rendezvous with the Batman. The two walked to the entrance of the museum.

The batman and Fries had a conversation about a serum and a man named Raj Al Ghul. A woman in a ninja outfit broke out of a nearby glass case and ran out of the museum saying that Raj Al Ghul was untouchable. Batman pursued the woman, Viper close behind. As Viper engaged his grappling system to chase Batman, Batman cut Viper’s grappling rope.

JC climbed the building only to find that both Batman and the woman were gone.

Viper proceeded to the nearby courthouse. He fought a group of thugs outside and spoke to a woman with a black whip. She flirted with JC and soon disappeared into the night. JC shook off the sexual tension and entered the courthouse. Inside he found a trail of blood leading down some stairs. At the bottom he found a man bleeding. B.U.T.L.E.R. identified the man as one of the political opposers. With the package in such terrible shape, JC had no choice but to take the man with him and escape.

The two left the courthouse, grappelled between buildings until they were at the docks. A small row boat sat in the middle of the water, waiting for JC. He laid the man down on the bed of the boat, and slowly rowed the boat out of Arkham, under the entrance bridge, and into the Gotham sewer system.

What had happened to this man? Had he been a victim of the mindless violence within Arkham? Or was someone trying to finally tie up lose ends?



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