The Liegemen: Origins

Paris, aka Symphony, along with her compatriots stood in a telekinetic bubble at the edge Atlantis, surrounded by Atlantean guard. The soldiers spoke in an unfamiliar tongue. John (Protiv Yebat) attempted to show negotiate for the group and put his hands up as a sign of submission. The guard mistook this gesture as an attempt of attack and began to bombard the team with a cacophony of magical blasts.

The team attempted to escape only to be defeated and incapacitated. Paris watched as Austin and Qinvaela were dragged away from the rest of the group.

Andrew, John, and Paris awoke in a prison chamber, their arms and legs bound to the wall. They were joined by a stranger. A woman with olive skin and brown hair. She hung there quietly. Paris asked who she was, she said her name was Quinn Bentley and she could only remember flashes of different places: her bedroom, a bank lobby, the eiffel tower, and the center of a strange city in a giant bubble. She had then been captured by the atlantean guard.

The four soon heard footsteps and within moments a man stood on the other side of the cell bars looking at them. He had golden hair and a beard, an orange and green robe, and a trident in his hand. He said his name was Orin. He was the king of Atlantis and he wanted to know why these four strangers were here.

John spoke for the group explaining how they had come to be in Atlantis. The group also asked where Austin and Qinvaela were taken. Orin said he had no knowledge of other prisoners. Orin released the prisoners and told them he would find out what happened to their friends. He did not release Quinn but after a moment or so she suddenly phased through her shackles. A nearby guard prepared to attack her but Orin stopped him. Orin began to escort the from the cells to his castle.

As the party reached the center of the city, a large boom echoed throughout Atlantis. The city was under attack. Orin began to order nearby guards. He asked John and the others to aid him in defending the city. They agreed to help. They ran to the city perimeter and fended off intruders, men wearing black suits and disc shaped helmets with large red eyes.

The group was able to hold the line. Orin was busy fighting a man with another trident and a helm made of gold. He called himself Ocean Master. the two fought for awhile, equal in skill. Paris fired a sound blast at Ocean Master, giving Orin enough time to subdue him.

Ocean Master laughed saying, it was “too late”. A moment later a rumble stirred from below the groups feet. Giant tentacles broke through the floor. They began rampaging the city.

Orin ordered the group to find a group of mages in the city who could subdue the kraken. While Andrew and the other’s attempted to stop the beast, Quinn used her teleporting abilities, to find the mages and take them to a large structure near the castle. The mages used the structure to reroute the energy that sustained the protective shield to be used to imprison the colossal creature. With the invaders defeated and the kraken confined, it seemed the day was won.

Hours later, Orin confronted the group telling them that the guards who had taken Austin and Qinvaela, were imposters. John requested Orin’s help in tracking them down since they had helped with the battle. Orin could not leave Atlantis after such a catastrophic attack but offered to get them in contact with his associate J’onn J’onnz.

The team rested in the confines of the castle for a day and the next morning headed to return to the surface world with the hopes they would reunite with their allies. They hoped that they would find them safe and sound, but their last month gave them little faith. Hopefully they weren’t hurt or worse…



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