The Liegemen: Origins

Liegemen: Origins Ep. 10


After some hours of resting and regrouping, the party went back to the computer to find if there were any more promising leads.

Paris had left a note saying she’d be back.

Roger began to hack the BCPD’s mainframe again. After a few moments of searching through records, the computer screen went black. Large green letters filled the screen, “Stop looking…”
The computer immediately exploded. John and Roger were able to dodge the explosion, Qinvaela was not as lucky. She was thrown across the room and took some time to recuperate. After that, the three looked at the wreckage trying to find any signs of foul play with the computer. There were no traps on the computer. Roger deduced that a hack had caused the computer to overheat and explode.

Roger urged the group to investigate with the clues they already had.

An hour and car ride later, the group stood in the middle of the memorial service for Martin Kurtz. Sam Greenburg, a good friend of Martin, was speaking at a podium.

John used his powers to look into Sam’s mind as well as Martin’s late widow, Barbara, and Leon Rook, Martin’s rival. Sam’s mind was on old memories, Leon was happy “the bastard was gone” and Barbara was focused on plans for her evening.

John spoke to Sam and Barbara, finding that Barbara was innocent and that Sam was really torn up about Martin’s death.

Roger spoke to Leon, finding out that Martin was the reason he had lost his license as an oncologist.

Roger and John were able to get the casket open, finding that, to Roger, Martin’s corpse glowed a strange color, especially on his neck. He deduced that it was likely radiation.

Qinvaela noticed a truck parked nearby, a man inside watching the ceremony. Roger popped the truck’s tires. Tim Grady stepped out of the car. Roger cautioned the others to not confront Tim directly: there were too many bystanders. Tim walked toward a nearby tire lot, Roger followed him.

Qinvaela inspected Tim’s car. The car was registered to someone else. It contained a pistol, a lot of clothes, and a backpack with personal items including a photo of a woman.

Qinvaela left the car and returned to the ceremony.

John popped the other two tires.

Tim, furious that he had two more tires popped, began assaulting the car with his fire abilities.

Roger, Qinvaela, and John took action and quickly incapacitated Tim. They took him into their car. Police showed up, sirens wailing. A car chase began. With Roger’s fast driving and John’s powers of illusion, the group was able to escape.

Roger used his true ability for the first time, changing the radiation of the car to turn it blue. Roger drove far out of the city, following John’s plan.

The three found an empty house in the suburbs and tied Tim up in a full bathtub.

John disguised himself as Martin Kurtz and interrogated Tim. He discovered that Tim had not killed Martin. Tim had joined Alana’s group when she had mysteriously appeared after his life was falling apart. His wife had left him after his brother died, and his powers had out of control. John convinced Tim to join their side. Tim explained he had to report in.

As Tim left the house, he was sucked into one of Alana’s black orbs. Alana walked slowly toward the house from the driveway. The group ran out the back of the house and around, getting to the car unnoticed.

Alana stood at the doorway watching them as they drove off. John mind pushed the house onto Alana. Roger used his abilities and watched her heat signature disappear.

On their way home, the group heard a radio broadcast describing the events of the previous days, the attack at E Rock’s apartment, the bank attacks, the fireworks at the memorial service. The police had found their hideout and raided it. With nowhere else to go, the group drove to Roger’s house in Gotham.

There was an undercover truck stationed outside of Roger’s house. The group intimidated the two undercover individual’s to talk. They worked for an surveillance intelligence company. They had been hired to listen for any signs of Roger. John and Roger convinced the two men to let them record a fake conversation. The pretended they would stay at the house and sleep there, unaware of the fact that they were being watched.

They then set up camp in the car, parking it nearby the house; waiting for whoever would arrive looking for them.



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