Welcome to Beacon City!

A newly established city in the DC Universe. Previously untouched by the danger of meta-humans and the like, this place has thrived for decades.

Unfortunately, a recent scandal has turned turned the city on its head. Only a short while ago, a hundred or so kidnapped civilians escaped from the confines of one of Enterprise Pharmaceuticals’ facilities (an international biotechnology and pharmaceutical developer).

These individuals had all been part of test group used to study the effects of a new miracle cellular regeneration drug called “Re.new.ssance”. The subjects all had some cellular condition. After weeks of taking the drug, all the subjects showed signs of super human abilities. Super speed, Supersonic screaming, electromagnetic manipulation, these individual’s bodies had taken them past the limits of human ability and into the realm of superheroes.

Will these newly liberated potentials return to their normal lives? Will they use their newfound talents for personal gain? Or will they join the call of justice and serve their fellow man as a new league of heroes, a guild of Liegemen!

The Liegemen: Origins

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