The Liegemen: Origins

Episode 13
Episode 11
Liegemen: Origins Ep. 10

After some hours of resting and regrouping, the party went back to the computer to find if there were any more promising leads.

Paris had left a note saying she’d be back.

Roger began to hack the BCPD’s mainframe again. After a few moments of searching through records, the computer screen went black. Large green letters filled the screen, “Stop looking…”
The computer immediately exploded. John and Roger were able to dodge the explosion, Qinvaela was not as lucky. She was thrown across the room and took some time to recuperate. After that, the three looked at the wreckage trying to find any signs of foul play with the computer. There were no traps on the computer. Roger deduced that a hack had caused the computer to overheat and explode.

Roger urged the group to investigate with the clues they already had.

An hour and car ride later, the group stood in the middle of the memorial service for Martin Kurtz. Sam Greenburg, a good friend of Martin, was speaking at a podium.

John used his powers to look into Sam’s mind as well as Martin’s late widow, Barbara, and Leon Rook, Martin’s rival. Sam’s mind was on old memories, Leon was happy “the bastard was gone” and Barbara was focused on plans for her evening.

John spoke to Sam and Barbara, finding that Barbara was innocent and that Sam was really torn up about Martin’s death.

Roger spoke to Leon, finding out that Martin was the reason he had lost his license as an oncologist.

Roger and John were able to get the casket open, finding that, to Roger, Martin’s corpse glowed a strange color, especially on his neck. He deduced that it was likely radiation.

Qinvaela noticed a truck parked nearby, a man inside watching the ceremony. Roger popped the truck’s tires. Tim Grady stepped out of the car. Roger cautioned the others to not confront Tim directly: there were too many bystanders. Tim walked toward a nearby tire lot, Roger followed him.

Qinvaela inspected Tim’s car. The car was registered to someone else. It contained a pistol, a lot of clothes, and a backpack with personal items including a photo of a woman.

Qinvaela left the car and returned to the ceremony.

John popped the other two tires.

Tim, furious that he had two more tires popped, began assaulting the car with his fire abilities.

Roger, Qinvaela, and John took action and quickly incapacitated Tim. They took him into their car. Police showed up, sirens wailing. A car chase began. With Roger’s fast driving and John’s powers of illusion, the group was able to escape.

Roger used his true ability for the first time, changing the radiation of the car to turn it blue. Roger drove far out of the city, following John’s plan.

The three found an empty house in the suburbs and tied Tim up in a full bathtub.

John disguised himself as Martin Kurtz and interrogated Tim. He discovered that Tim had not killed Martin. Tim had joined Alana’s group when she had mysteriously appeared after his life was falling apart. His wife had left him after his brother died, and his powers had out of control. John convinced Tim to join their side. Tim explained he had to report in.

As Tim left the house, he was sucked into one of Alana’s black orbs. Alana walked slowly toward the house from the driveway. The group ran out the back of the house and around, getting to the car unnoticed.

Alana stood at the doorway watching them as they drove off. John mind pushed the house onto Alana. Roger used his abilities and watched her heat signature disappear.

On their way home, the group heard a radio broadcast describing the events of the previous days, the attack at E Rock’s apartment, the bank attacks, the fireworks at the memorial service. The police had found their hideout and raided it. With nowhere else to go, the group drove to Roger’s house in Gotham.

There was an undercover truck stationed outside of Roger’s house. The group intimidated the two undercover individual’s to talk. They worked for an surveillance intelligence company. They had been hired to listen for any signs of Roger. John and Roger convinced the two men to let them record a fake conversation. The pretended they would stay at the house and sleep there, unaware of the fact that they were being watched.

They then set up camp in the car, parking it nearby the house; waiting for whoever would arrive looking for them.

Liegemen: Origins Ep. 9

After being overwhelmed by Tim Grady, the mysterious tuxedoed crossdresser, and the electric stranger; John, Qinvaela, and Roger woke up the next day ready to make more progress on their cases.

The group entered the main chamber only to find that Andrew was not on the computer as he usually would. They attempted to find a note or any sign of where Andrew had gone, but there was no leads. Roger began looking in the computers history and found some leads in the computers history: Andrew had been looking into an Alana Krenshaw, the matching ID to the blood sample Viper had taken from the bank the day prior. Alana had previous counts of prostitution, she had recently changed her legal name to Alana Kazam. A known affiliate was her previous pimp: Edward Rockwell or “E Rock”.

The group also found reports of an arson on a security facility and a power outage at the hydro-electric dam the night before.

After some discussion, John attempted to reach out to Andrew’s mind and see where he was. John pulled Andrew’s psyche into his own. A great sense of fear and exhaustion came from Andrew’s mental presence. Some force caused interference when John attempted to speak to Andrew.

There was no time to waste.

The three drove to E Rock’s last known address. Parking their car, the group walked the last block. Young children played in the street, noticed the group and began running toward a nearby alley. The group followed.

The boy yelled up to a woman on a fire escape, four floors up. He told her to warn E Rock. John forced his consciousness into the woman’s mind, stunning her and sending her off the edge of the fire escape. The group attempted to save her, but were only able to slow her down slightly. She hit the paved street with a resounding crash. Her body lay limp on the floor but she was still breathing. The boy, afraid for his life, ran away. John knocked the boy out with his mind.

Roger and Qinvaela, berrated John for his violent and unnecessary actions.

The group heard voices coming. They quickly climbed up the fire escape, taking the unconscious girl with them. They entered through an empty apartment. Qinvaela used her powers to heal the girl. John and Roger went into the floor below, finding E Rock’s apartment. Roger, beginning to understand his abilities, focused into the apartment and counted five heat signatures within the apartment. John used his telepathy to look through the eyes of one of the inhabitants.

Inside were two men in a kitchen, both armed. In a room across from the was a man having sex with a woman, and another woman lying on the bed asleep.

John and Roger, barged into the apartment. Roger drew his gun. John used nearby kitchen knives and telekinetically threw them at the two men in the kitchen. One was instantly killed while the other was paralyzed.

A shotgun was cocked on the other side of the opposite door. Roger and John took cover while the last hostile shot into the kitchen. Roger, shot the man in the gut. Qinvaela came to see what had happened. The three began to interrogate the wounded man. E Rock had been the man John had killed.

Suddenly, sirens could be heard from outside the window. Yelling and running could be heard from outside the apartment. The group climbed out the closest window and onto the fire escape. Two police officers were below. One of the officers saw John and yelled for them to freeze.

The group began running up the fire escape. The officer shot Roger in the leg. Injured and unable to move, Roger asked John to throw him across the alley and onto the next building. John pushed Roger across, just landing on the other side. Then Qinvaela jumped across, boosted by John’s telekinesis. By the time Qinvaela had gotten across, a police officer was on the fire escape, across from John with a gun pointed at him.

John looked at the officer and said, “I mean you no harm.” He used his powers and leapt across the gap.

The group took to back streets and eventually got to Roger’s car. With morale down after another failed attempt to find our about Alana, returned home to regroup and rest.

Liegemen: Origins Ep. 8

Roger, John, and Qinvaela woke up one by one. The three got dressed and headed upstairs to the chamber. The three expected to see Andrew typing away. Qinvaela was worries about Andrew. He had not been sleeping. Roger was also in rough shape. He seemed unable to sleep well and was having trouble eating.

When the three turned to looked at the computer, they found Andrew with his arms in the air and a stranger at the entrance with a gun pointed at him. Roger immediately drew his gun. The Viper pulled out another gun and aimed it at the group. Viper explained he was there to get answers. After some negotiating, and some telekinesis on John part, the group was able to calm Viper.

Andrew and JC spoke about their intentions. Andrew explained how they had all been captives of Enterprise Pharmaceuticals. He told JC about how they had joined together and simply wanted to stop others from being victims of such nefarious plots.

JC was happy to hear that he wasn’t the only one fighting the good fight. He told the other how was tracking down how Enterprise was tied to political dissenter disappearing in Gotham.

The team decided they would help JC, if he could help them with some of the situations in Beacon City. Recently a group of robbers had been stealing from high security banks. The banks’ security systems would shut down immediately before the banks were attacked. Also, witnesses were unable to give a clear description of any of the robbers. The last detail was that one of the security guards had a partial fingerprint burned into his forehead.

JC recommended they look into the BCPD’s police records. The group accessed the records and found that the print matched a Tim Grady, a possible suspect in the death of oncologist, Martin Kurtz. The team pulled up an address on Tim and proceeded to investigate.

The group parked a couple blocks away. John and Roger took the front entrance, breaking the lock. JC and Qinvaela climbed the fire escape and attempted to flank. Andrew had stayed behind at the church to do more research. The two groups ambushed the apartment only to find it was empty. The ceiling, walls, and floor were covered in ash. Furniture, appliances, and decorations were burnt to a crisp. The group proceeded out of the building when they got a message from Andrew. Tim was apparently known to hang out at one of two bars, Lost Weekend and Kill Your Idol. There were also three banks that had not been hit in the nearby area.

The team split up. John covered both of the bars. Roger, Qinvaela, and JC took each of the bars. John was able to find Tim by following his girlfriend. Roger and Qinvaela’s banks were hit. Roger and Qinvaela proceeded to try to stop the robberies. Qinvaela was quickly taken down by a transgender woman in a tuxedo. JC quickly rode to save Qinvaela and was able to force the tuxedoed trans to retreat through a portal. Roger was knocked out by an electrical bolt shot by a hairless albino. John tailed Tim only to be confronted by him. The two began to fight in an alley. Just before being beaten by John, Tim was pulled through a portal and disappeared.

Beaten and weary, the group returned to the church. They had never been so utterly helpless against another group. Who were Tim’s mysterious allies? Why were they robbing banks? Was it just for the money or was there something more sinister afoot?

Liegemen: Origins Ep. 7

Roger awoke from a nightmare. The dream was a sort of blur but he remembered being swallowed by a giant creature. As he stood up from the cot, he looked around the room. There were five empty cots. Roger’s belongings laid on a small table to his left: a watch, a knife, the pistol he had taken from the hospital, and some clothes Andrew had given him. It had been a few days since his arrival. He had met the rest of the team, Paris, John, Qinvaela, and Andrew.

Roger put on the clothes, walked up some stairs, and stepped into the next room. He walked out onto a stage. The was a pulpit, ornate stained glass, and a large cross. To his left in the middle of the pews was a computer connected to a generator. Andrew sat in front of the computer screen typing away. Roger noticed an odd colored bubble surrounding the modem.

The two exchanged “good morning”s and began to discuss what Andrew was working on. Andrew had begun to look into different odd stories in the local news. Many of the escaped subjects were using their abilities to wreak havoc throughout the city. Robbing banks, attacking civilians, and a multitude of other crimes were occurring everywhere in Beacon City. Andrew pulled up a new article discussing a man killed on the docks. The interesting detail was that the victim was left with a huge burn mark on his neck in the shape of a handprint.

Andrew explained to Roger that he was at a dead end, he had no means of cracking into the BCPD’s records. Andrew stood up and paced in frustration. Roger sat down in his place and put his hands on the keyboard. Something inside Roger’s memory clicked and within seconds he was within the GCPD’s central hub. He then downloaded all of their records onto the computer. Andrew looked at Roger with awe.

Roger, shocked at his own ability to crack secure systems, realized he needed to learn about himself. He began to do searches for missing person’s reports throughout the country. With some cross referencing, Roger tracked down an address in Gotham.

Roger asked Andrew to drop him off. Moments later, the two stood outside a quaint house in a cul-de-sac. Roger asked Andrew to leave him and let him find answers on his own. Andrew wished him good luck and disappeared. Roger stood outside the door and remembered there was a key in a fake rock nearby. Roger found the keys, unlocked the door, and stepped inside. The entire house was empty. A colored bubble peaked out from the ceiling. Upon further investigation, Roger found an entrance to the attic. Inside he found the same orb sticking out from the floor. Roger removed the floorboard and found a laptop, a note, and a set of car keys.

The note was written in some odd hieroglyphics and the laptop had a single file on them titled, “Oculus”. Roger took some time to figure out what the file was, it was practically jumbled data in most formats. When playing it as an audio file, Roger discovered it secret. It was a recording from a woman, who seemed to be Roger’s wife. She told him there were people in the house, that he had to find her and that he had to find her with the note.

Roger took the keys, laptop and note and headed out into the backyard. Roger noticed his neighbors eating and jumped the fence. He spoke to his neighbor Paul who said that Roger had moved recently. He and his wife Mary had not said goodbye but that a moving company had come, picked up all their belongings, and driven off. The company was called N.Price Movers.

Roger walked into town and found an internet cafe. He used the car keys to track down his car dealership. After walking a couple miles, Roger spoke to his dealer, Marcus, and asked for his help to locate Roger’s car. The two used the GPS tracker to locate the car to a nearby Walmart. Marcus drove Roger to his car and the two said their goodbyes. Roger entered his car and found a dead cellphone. He then returned to the church in Beacon City. Roger explained to Andrew, everything that had happened. The pair attempted to decipher the note but to no avail.

Andrew told Roger to get some rest. Roger headed back to his cot, finding the other team members sleeping in their cots. He laid down and was soon asleep. The nightmares slowly began to set in. There he was: the large figure, waiting silently for Roger. He opened his giant mouth and swallowed Roger. Nothingness.

Liegemen: Origins Ep. 6

A man woke up in a white padded room. His arms were restricted within a straight jacket. A single window peered through on of the walls. Panic set in and he began to scream for help. Moments later a doctor stepped into the room. Dr. Albertson explained that man’s name was Roger Brattfield and he had been brought from Gotham General’s ICU after showing signs of amnesia, hallucinations, and violent episodes.

Roger had been brought in with extreme trauma to his occipital lobe and eyes. He was given a new drug called to help with his recovery. Dr Albertson assured Roger they would find answers. As Albertson stepped out the door, he immediately was shot by an unseen stranger. A man in a clown mask barged into the room, pulling Roger up. The man told Roger that they were escaping the facility and that he can either join them or die. Roger saw no means of escape and followed the stranger. The two then met a man with green hair and a purple blazer.

Meanwhile Qinvaela sat in a cell of a Gotham precinct. She sat there along with three other women. One with blonde hair a clown makeup did cartwheels around the cell, the second had fur similar to a cheetah and sat quitely, sharpening her claws, and the last sat on a bench, her skin glowed a dull green and her a bright orange.

Qinvaela talked to the other women trying to find a way to get out. Cheetah ignored her. Harley Quinn let her know a “Mr J” was coming to get her. Ivy said she would help but the bracelet they put on her, stopped her from being able to escape. Harley gave Qinvaela a knife to cut off Ivy’s arm as a means to remove the bracelet. After two failed attempts at cutting through the arm, Cheetah got up and cut off the remaining part of the arm. After a few moments, Ivy’s arm regrew and returned to her full green tone.

A rumble resounded through the precinct. Suddenly giant roots and branches broke through the walls and floor. A giant root busted the cell door open. The four women walked out the cell and headed to the exit. Once outside a group officers attempted to stop the women, who subdued them quickly. Seeing the violent nature of the women, Qinvaela left the group to walk into the streets on her own.

Back in the hospital, Roger followed the man with the blazer toward the ground floor. They encountered a couple security guards, subdued them, and took their pistols. On the ground floor, the strange man attacked a random nurse and laughed as he pummeled his face. Roger pointed his gun at the man. The man paused and threw his victim at Roger, knocking him over. When Roger got up, the stranger was gone. Roger found an office and hid the unconscious nurse inside. Through a window he could see a giant man with a mask fighting what looked like the Batman. As Roger watched the hulking juggernaut, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up, something about the man was too familiar and horrifying.

Qinvaela watched the madness on the street, countless criminals running out of the precinct and a hospital across the street. At the front of the hospital, a man with green hair and a green suit shot at the people she had saved from the Riddler’s challenges. Harley Quinn walked up to him and kissed him. A group of masked heroes swung down from the rooftop, and began to fight Harley and the green haired man.

Roger saw the man fighting some masked people and saw civilians on the floor dead. Roger aimed his pistol and shot the man. Another criminal tried to shoot at Roger.

Qinvaela ran to help the stranger who attacked the green haired man. She found him hiding in a closet. The two agreed to escape together. They ran up to the second floor and turned to the hall leading to the parking garage. A news helicopter came into view and shined their spotlight at Qinvaela and Roger. Only seconds later, Andrew appeared in front of them, asking where Qinvaela had been. The two asked Andrew to get them out. Andrew took both their hands, carried them as he ran at his full speed. Roger could see everything they passed by, even at the inhuman speed. As they arrived to a church, Roger passed out.

Andrew put him in a cot. He and Qinvaela then discussed their separate adventures. It was good to be reunited but, who was this new ally? Why had he been in the psych ward? And where was Austin?

Liegemen: Origins Ep. 5

Minerva/Quinvaela slowly awoke from a drug induced sleep. She was lying on a medical table in the middle of a small room. Grime and dirt covered the walls, ceiling, and floor. A small surgical table stood nearby. Bloody surgical tools and bloody rags laid atop the table. Quinvaela was naked. Luckily she was in her natural alien form, nothing exposed. She noticed a neatly folded stack of green clothes at her feet. A door stood at one end of the room. A projector turned on and a man by the name of The Riddler explained to her, her circumstances: she was his prisoner and would have to complete his challenges to escape.

Quinvaela stepped into the next room, a large library. A guillotine stood at the end of the room. A weeping woman kneeled with her head stuck inside the the guillotine’s lunette. A projector turned on and the Riddler’s face filled the farthest wall. He explained the challenge:

Qinvaela had to pull the correct book in the library. Every book in the library was attached to the guillotine via an electrical cable. Pulling the wrong book would move the guillotine a little bit closer to the woman’s neck. Qinvaela had 4 tries. Tampering with the any of the cables or the guillotine would release the blade, killing the woman. The Riddler left Qinvaela with a clue

“I am where yesterday follows today, and tomorrow’s in the middle. What am I?”

Qinvaela looked around the room and tried different books, reading some of them to figure out the riddle. On her last attempt she pulled the correct book, a dictionary. The victim was released and followed Qinvaela into the next room.

The next room was a medical room, clean and sterile. A woman laid sedated on a surgical table. Surgical equipment laid on a table nearby. The Riddler’s projection returned explaining the second challenge.

A small explosive device laid dormant within the woman body. Qinvaela had 3 minutes to find the explosive and remove it before it exploded. Her clue, another riddle.

“I can run but cannot walk. Wherever I go, thought follows close behind. What am I?”

After some prods and pokes, Qinvaela found the device nestled behind the woman’s nostrils. The pair carried the sleeping woman into the next chamber.

They entered a large theatre. Four giant metal crates stood onstage, each connected to either a large tube or large metal plates with wiring . Four pedestals with buttons stood in front of each of the cubes, each with a symbol on its button.

The riddle read, “The man who invented it doesn’t want it. The man who bought it, doesn’t need it. The man who needs it, doesn’t know.” A man was trapped within one of the cubes. Qinvaela had three attempts until the buttons would stop working. Each of the cubes’ contraptions engaged. One pour water through it tube. Another pour dirt through it tube. The third’s plates began to glow fiery red. The final one began to get colder and colder.

Qinvaela wasn’t able to figure out the riddle but pressed the correct button by her third attempt. The cube’s dopr swung open and a man sit in a chair with dirt up to his neck. The three of them dug the man out and helped him out of the chair. His arms and leg had been tied to the chair. They found a door behind the stage curtains and continued on.

The final room was the inside of a prison cell. A man in an electrical chair screamed, his voice muffled by a gag. The chair was attached to an electrical cable, a keyboard attached to the other end. The keyboard had four green lights turned on. The Riddler read his final riddle:

“What is the beginning of eternity? The end of time and space? The beginning of every end and the end end of every race?”

Qinvaela attempted two combinations. With both incorrect the man screamed from the voltage running through his body. On her third attempt, she pressed a single button, the letter E. The clasps on the chair released.

The projector turned on once more. The Riddler berated Qinvaela, calling her a cheat. He said it wouldn’t matter because they were out of time. A timer came up on the screen with 5 seconds left. The group ran for the final door and broke through. Qinvaela was propelled forward by an explosion coming from inside the building.

From there the group explored the new city they were in. It seemed they were in Arkham City, a prison city outside of Gotham, designed to keep all of Gotham’s worst criminals locked up. They laid low and dodged into the backstreets to end up at a small haven for nonviolent political prisoners.

A couple hours and a helicopter bombing later, Gotham PD officers raided Arkham, arresting everyone in sight, including Qinvaela, and moved them to various Gotham precincts.

Qinvaela sat in a cell waiting, hoping that perhaps her friends would find her. But how? She was in an unfamiliar city, without a means to contact them. And the last time she had seen them, was at the bottom of the ocean…

Liegemen: Origins Ep. 4

JC Cotton or Viper stood atop a 10 story wall that separated Arkham City from the outside wall. The Ex-Navy Seal turned vigilante had been following leads about a new biotech company called Enterprise Pharmaceuticals. The company had been growing rapidly as legislature was opening up new doors for companies like Enterprise.

JC had noticed that the politicians pushing for these new policies, had their campaigns funded by Enterprise Pharm, not atypical. What caused him to look deeper into the case was the fact that, political opposers and protesters were starting to go missing.

After some months of research he discovered that almost all the dissenters were locked away in Arkham under false identities. He knew he had no choice but to find them and discover exactly what was Enterprise’s end game.

A quick rappel down and a fight with some goons on a museum rooftop led Viper to the museum’s roof access. Inside, Viper found a maze of corridor and offices. As Viper walked deeper and deeper into the museum, he found himself in a large chamber with a think sheet of ice below. Viper climbed down and walked down one of the halls connected to the chamber.

The room at the end of the hallway was occupied by men in black and white faceprint and a man in a glass box. Viper subdued the mooks and tried to free the man in the box but to no avail. He moved back into he chamber and walked down another path.

This led to the Iceberg Lounge. Viper encountered a small man name Oswald Cobblepot, the man used an advanced ice generating gun. After fighting Cobblepot as well as more of his underlings, Viper retreated into the chamber again to find undercover police officers. They said Batman had saved them. Viper had heard stories of batman but had very little information about him.

JC walked down the 3 hall and into the next room. Inside he found a large two floored chamber with exhibits, a metallic suit in a glass case, and a number of unconscious lackeys. Upon inspection of the suit, he found that the suit had been tampered with and was missing a part. Using his super computer, B.U.T.L.E.R., JC found that the suit belonged to the man in the glass box, Dr. Victor Fries. JC inspected the two previous halls to find that Cobblepot was missing and the man in the glass box was free. JC joined Fries who was about to rendezvous with the Batman. The two walked to the entrance of the museum.

The batman and Fries had a conversation about a serum and a man named Raj Al Ghul. A woman in a ninja outfit broke out of a nearby glass case and ran out of the museum saying that Raj Al Ghul was untouchable. Batman pursued the woman, Viper close behind. As Viper engaged his grappling system to chase Batman, Batman cut Viper’s grappling rope.

JC climbed the building only to find that both Batman and the woman were gone.

Viper proceeded to the nearby courthouse. He fought a group of thugs outside and spoke to a woman with a black whip. She flirted with JC and soon disappeared into the night. JC shook off the sexual tension and entered the courthouse. Inside he found a trail of blood leading down some stairs. At the bottom he found a man bleeding. B.U.T.L.E.R. identified the man as one of the political opposers. With the package in such terrible shape, JC had no choice but to take the man with him and escape.

The two left the courthouse, grappelled between buildings until they were at the docks. A small row boat sat in the middle of the water, waiting for JC. He laid the man down on the bed of the boat, and slowly rowed the boat out of Arkham, under the entrance bridge, and into the Gotham sewer system.

What had happened to this man? Had he been a victim of the mindless violence within Arkham? Or was someone trying to finally tie up lose ends?

Liegemen: Origins Ep. 3

Paris, aka Symphony, along with her compatriots stood in a telekinetic bubble at the edge Atlantis, surrounded by Atlantean guard. The soldiers spoke in an unfamiliar tongue. John (Protiv Yebat) attempted to show negotiate for the group and put his hands up as a sign of submission. The guard mistook this gesture as an attempt of attack and began to bombard the team with a cacophony of magical blasts.

The team attempted to escape only to be defeated and incapacitated. Paris watched as Austin and Qinvaela were dragged away from the rest of the group.

Andrew, John, and Paris awoke in a prison chamber, their arms and legs bound to the wall. They were joined by a stranger. A woman with olive skin and brown hair. She hung there quietly. Paris asked who she was, she said her name was Quinn Bentley and she could only remember flashes of different places: her bedroom, a bank lobby, the eiffel tower, and the center of a strange city in a giant bubble. She had then been captured by the atlantean guard.

The four soon heard footsteps and within moments a man stood on the other side of the cell bars looking at them. He had golden hair and a beard, an orange and green robe, and a trident in his hand. He said his name was Orin. He was the king of Atlantis and he wanted to know why these four strangers were here.

John spoke for the group explaining how they had come to be in Atlantis. The group also asked where Austin and Qinvaela were taken. Orin said he had no knowledge of other prisoners. Orin released the prisoners and told them he would find out what happened to their friends. He did not release Quinn but after a moment or so she suddenly phased through her shackles. A nearby guard prepared to attack her but Orin stopped him. Orin began to escort the from the cells to his castle.

As the party reached the center of the city, a large boom echoed throughout Atlantis. The city was under attack. Orin began to order nearby guards. He asked John and the others to aid him in defending the city. They agreed to help. They ran to the city perimeter and fended off intruders, men wearing black suits and disc shaped helmets with large red eyes.

The group was able to hold the line. Orin was busy fighting a man with another trident and a helm made of gold. He called himself Ocean Master. the two fought for awhile, equal in skill. Paris fired a sound blast at Ocean Master, giving Orin enough time to subdue him.

Ocean Master laughed saying, it was “too late”. A moment later a rumble stirred from below the groups feet. Giant tentacles broke through the floor. They began rampaging the city.

Orin ordered the group to find a group of mages in the city who could subdue the kraken. While Andrew and the other’s attempted to stop the beast, Quinn used her teleporting abilities, to find the mages and take them to a large structure near the castle. The mages used the structure to reroute the energy that sustained the protective shield to be used to imprison the colossal creature. With the invaders defeated and the kraken confined, it seemed the day was won.

Hours later, Orin confronted the group telling them that the guards who had taken Austin and Qinvaela, were imposters. John requested Orin’s help in tracking them down since they had helped with the battle. Orin could not leave Atlantis after such a catastrophic attack but offered to get them in contact with his associate J’onn J’onnz.

The team rested in the confines of the castle for a day and the next morning headed to return to the surface world with the hopes they would reunite with their allies. They hoped that they would find them safe and sound, but their last month gave them little faith. Hopefully they weren’t hurt or worse…


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