Quinvaela Ultravanen


Qinvaela was a prodigy back on Haelum, the Visiri home world. She had quickly moved up the ranks at the Deenia Science Academy. Where her peers would struggle, Qinvaela was at ease. Science especially the life sciences came to her like divine inspiration.

From a young age Qinvaela loved studying life and how it worked. She would watch as the smaller organisms would build communities, a complex ecosystems allowing necessary group of each species survival.

After a short while, Qinvaela began to join research voyages across the galaxy, studying life in different systems. She had the opportunity to see how life operated on other planets.

Soon she was orbiting a planet near a young yellow star. The planet was composed mainly of Hydrogen and Oxygen, its landmasses split between to hemispheres. Samples from the planet displayed such varied forms of life, such unique specimens.

Three weeks after arriving at this new planet, Qinvaela and her fellow researches were attack by a Fresish scouting ship. After helping many of the other scientists escape and grabbing some of the research equipment, QInvaela jumped into an escape pod and jettisoned toward the planet.

Qinvaela landed in a large field. The sky above her was full of stars and there were no signs of pursuing ships. A pair of light near Qinvaela and her ship. From behind the lights, a young human girl appeared. Her name was Austin. She lived in the area and had been driving and followed the “shooting star”.

Austin took Qinvaela in, sheltering her within her father’s cabin. The two quickly became friends. Austin was simple but she had a compassionate heart and a welcoming spirit.

A few weeks after a group of men with weapons came looking for Qinvaela. They quickly found her and Austin. The two tried to ward the men off, using some of QInvaela tech, but they were quickly overwhelmed.

The pair was taken into custody. They underwent a multitude of horrible experiments.

Months later, Qinvaela was awoken from an induced sleep. The sleep chamber’s door opened and a young girl reached out for Qinvaela’s hand. She was free and she was not alone.

Quinvaela Ultravanen

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