Andrew Avery

A speedster looking to make a difference


Born to a middle class family in midtown Beacon City, Andrew grew up in pretty average circumstances. The only thing that made stick out of the crowd was his advanced form of Lateral Sclerosis. He lived for most of his young life confined to a chair.

Andrew became an avid programmer and gamer. A means for him to stretch his “legs” in the digital world, a means to do all that his body limited him from doing.

22 years of age and still living at home, Andrew heard about a test group for a cellular regeneration drug. ALS was getting worse, he was beginning to lose functionality in his hand, the only thing that allowed him to code and play games. Soon he would lose the only thing that made him feel alive.

Andrew had no choice but to sign up for the test group, regardless of how crazy the drug sounded. was a cellular regeneration drug that was able to restore all forms of tissue back to their desired correct state.

After a month of the treatment, Andrew had full functionality of his body. He was able to do things he hadn’t done since preschool: running, jumping, climbing. Soon he noticed that he was the fastest of anyone he knew, and he was only getting faster.

After a day at the gym (a 50 miles jog and 500 lap swim later), Andrew came home to his new apartment. The lights were off as usual but Cheshire, his cat, didn’t come to the door as usual.

Andrew called out for Cheshire, but no answer. Andrew flicked the light switch to the studio apartment but the light wouldn’t turn on.

He walked deeper into the apartment until he felt a needle in his neck from behind. Things quickly went black.

The next words in Andrews mind were not his own. A cry, “Wake up!”

Andrew Avery

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