The Liegemen: Origins

Liegemen: Origins Ep. 9


After being overwhelmed by Tim Grady, the mysterious tuxedoed crossdresser, and the electric stranger; John, Qinvaela, and Roger woke up the next day ready to make more progress on their cases.

The group entered the main chamber only to find that Andrew was not on the computer as he usually would. They attempted to find a note or any sign of where Andrew had gone, but there was no leads. Roger began looking in the computers history and found some leads in the computers history: Andrew had been looking into an Alana Krenshaw, the matching ID to the blood sample Viper had taken from the bank the day prior. Alana had previous counts of prostitution, she had recently changed her legal name to Alana Kazam. A known affiliate was her previous pimp: Edward Rockwell or “E Rock”.

The group also found reports of an arson on a security facility and a power outage at the hydro-electric dam the night before.

After some discussion, John attempted to reach out to Andrew’s mind and see where he was. John pulled Andrew’s psyche into his own. A great sense of fear and exhaustion came from Andrew’s mental presence. Some force caused interference when John attempted to speak to Andrew.

There was no time to waste.

The three drove to E Rock’s last known address. Parking their car, the group walked the last block. Young children played in the street, noticed the group and began running toward a nearby alley. The group followed.

The boy yelled up to a woman on a fire escape, four floors up. He told her to warn E Rock. John forced his consciousness into the woman’s mind, stunning her and sending her off the edge of the fire escape. The group attempted to save her, but were only able to slow her down slightly. She hit the paved street with a resounding crash. Her body lay limp on the floor but she was still breathing. The boy, afraid for his life, ran away. John knocked the boy out with his mind.

Roger and Qinvaela, berrated John for his violent and unnecessary actions.

The group heard voices coming. They quickly climbed up the fire escape, taking the unconscious girl with them. They entered through an empty apartment. Qinvaela used her powers to heal the girl. John and Roger went into the floor below, finding E Rock’s apartment. Roger, beginning to understand his abilities, focused into the apartment and counted five heat signatures within the apartment. John used his telepathy to look through the eyes of one of the inhabitants.

Inside were two men in a kitchen, both armed. In a room across from the was a man having sex with a woman, and another woman lying on the bed asleep.

John and Roger, barged into the apartment. Roger drew his gun. John used nearby kitchen knives and telekinetically threw them at the two men in the kitchen. One was instantly killed while the other was paralyzed.

A shotgun was cocked on the other side of the opposite door. Roger and John took cover while the last hostile shot into the kitchen. Roger, shot the man in the gut. Qinvaela came to see what had happened. The three began to interrogate the wounded man. E Rock had been the man John had killed.

Suddenly, sirens could be heard from outside the window. Yelling and running could be heard from outside the apartment. The group climbed out the closest window and onto the fire escape. Two police officers were below. One of the officers saw John and yelled for them to freeze.

The group began running up the fire escape. The officer shot Roger in the leg. Injured and unable to move, Roger asked John to throw him across the alley and onto the next building. John pushed Roger across, just landing on the other side. Then Qinvaela jumped across, boosted by John’s telekinesis. By the time Qinvaela had gotten across, a police officer was on the fire escape, across from John with a gun pointed at him.

John looked at the officer and said, “I mean you no harm.” He used his powers and leapt across the gap.

The group took to back streets and eventually got to Roger’s car. With morale down after another failed attempt to find our about Alana, returned home to regroup and rest.



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